Al Mishkavi Ba-Leylot - 1st movement

Lyrics: Song of Songs
Music: Gilad Cohen
Performed by Thalamus Quartet.

This first movement of Al Mishkavi Ba-Leylot (By Night On My Bed) for mixed choir a-cappella. Performed by the Thalamus Quartet at the Jerusalem Music Center, live broadcast on Israel Radio One.

Mizmor Layla (Night Psalm)

Lyrics: Leah Goldberg; music: Achinoam Nini & Gil Dor.
Arrangement for mixed choir a cappella: Gilad Cohen.
Performed by The Braca Baruh Choir (Belgrade).
The score can be purchased at the Buy scores/CDs section.

Recent performances of this arrangement, of the popular song by Israeli singer Noa (Achinoam Nini), include concerts at Merkin Hall (New York), Lincoln Square Synagogue (New York) and Bach Festival in Toronto.

Kemo Galgal

Kemo Galgal

Lyrics: Ehud Manor
Music: Matti Kaspi
Arrangement: Gilad Cohen
Additions for Tiltan Quartet: Niva Eshed

A new recording by the excellent Tiltan Quartet.

Tiltan Quartet
Niva Eshed, Daniela Skorda, Linor Oren and Avital Deri.